Ambleside Road allotment
Ambleside Road Allotment


LESS is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company set up in 2007 to provide practical support to help the residents of Lancashire live more sustainably. We seek to help communities to live within their fair share of the planet’s resources while enabling everyone to meet their needs for a healthy home, food and environment.

Our Vision

Strong communities, resilient to climate change

Our Mission

To support local communities to live more sustainably

Our Strategic Aims

  1. Deepening understanding of sustainability issues in local communities
  2. Strengthening individuals and communities by building skills in sustainable living
  3. Giving down-to-earth support and advice to individuals, communities and organisations to enhance their wellbeing and resilience to climate change.
  4. Making ethical products and services, and their local suppliers, accessible
  5. Transforming LESS into a financially and environmentally sustainable organisation

Our Values

Be sustainable

We promote sustainable living, in all its meanings: environmental, economic and social.

Walk the talk, tread lightly

We will be an exemplar of realistic good practice as an organisation by: reducing our overall consumption; minimising the waste we produce; encouraging sustainable transport use by staff; and resourcing our work from local, ethical and environmentally responsible sources where possible.


We support strong, equitable and sustainable communities (of interest or geography).

Address inequality

We believe promoting alternative approaches to consumption supports fairer distribution of resources.

Be practical

We should make a practical and noticeable difference to the people and communities that we work with, and the environments we live in.


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