Behind the food on our plates lies a group of real people with lives like, and unlike, our own. We invite you to come and meet them. In 2016 LESS, in collaboration with Johnny Bean and Ginny Koppenhol, created a photographic exhibition called the ‘Faces Behind Our Food’. The exhibition toured Lancaster District during 2016/17.

The Faces behind Our Food exhibition explores the personal stories of twelve food and drink producers in Lancashire, using imagery and stories to explore the complex issues that shape the food that we eat. So often we forget about the people that grow and process the foods that nourish us, and perhaps forget the rich histories, skills and cultures that go into shaping our evening meal, for example. This exhibition offers the opportunity for you to explore these topics, and hear the stories and experiences of 12 local producers.

11 animation workshops were also run alongside the exhibition with 95 people attending these workshops in total. Each session focussed on two producers’ stories to encourage discussion, which fed into the creation of stop motion animations. All participants successfully created animations that are available to view online LESS’s blog.

Ray Edmondson
Ray Edmondson
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