LESS and FoodFutures are seeking three enthusiastic people to join the FoodFutures team – to support us in developing and delivering the new Closing Loops Project: stimulating a regenerative food economy in North Lancashire.

We are recruiting for a:

CLICK HERE> REconomy project coordinator

CLICK HERE> Community Engagement & Marketing Coordinator

CLICK HERE> Community Composting Coordinator

To apply please follow the links above (click on the role names above) and read the Job Description and Person Specification for each of the roles.

Email anna@lessuk.org with a cover letter (two pages maximum), your curriculum vitae (CV) and details of two referees by the 25th February 2022. Please refer to Job Description and Person Specification when writing your cover letter and clearly state which role you are applying for in the email.

Background to FoodFutures and this role

FoodFutures is North Lancashire’s award-winning regional food partnership. It is working to build a collaborative community of practitioners, policy makers and researchers working on food matters in the local area. It is made up of representatives from the local farming community, local food businesses, the public sector, Lancaster City Council, NGOs, community food groups and our local academic institutions, including Lancaster University.

In 2019 the partnership was awarded a Bronze Award from the National Sustainable Food Cities (SFC) network (now known as Sustainable Food Places (SFP)) and has since been working towards a Silver Award.

As part of this work, FoodFutures has facilitated a food strategy co-development process. This led to the launch of ‘Our FoodFutures: a community food strategy for North Lancashire’ in 2021: foodfutures.org.uk/food-strategy

Since the strategy launch, the partnership has sought funding to practically take forward elements of the strategy. The Closing Loops project and this role is the outcome of this work so far.

These three roles will work closely with the FoodFutures partnership to take forward elements of this community food strategy as part of the Closing Loops project – a 5 year project funded by the National Lottery Climate Action Fund.

The four key intended outcomes for this project are:

1. Zero waste initiatives, closed loop enterprises and sustainable consumption lifestyles start to become normalised and a source of local inspiration for people of all backgrounds [Images].

2. There is increased access to opportunities to learn about and develop the skills needed to support, be supported and initiate zero waste initiatives, regenerative enterprises, sustainable consumption and lifestyle practices [Skills].

3. Locally sourced, seasonal, sustainably produced and packaged food and other goods are more accessible across the District and infrastructure is in place to support a range of people and organisations to re-distribute, compost, re-sell, re-purpose and re-cycle ‘waste’ [Stuff].

4. There is a thriving Re-Economy in which local communities are shaping a local, regenerative economy in terms of local enterprise but also community networks, community assets, resource sharing and projects. Collective learnings, social and carbon impacts of this project are captured, evaluated and shared widely to inform wise climate action elsewhere [Scaling Out].

For more information about FoodFutures see www.foodfutures.org.uk

The timetable for this recruitment is as follows:

Application closing date: 25th February 2022

Short-listing: w/c 28th February 2022

Interviews: 7th and 9th March 2022

Starting date: 4th April 2022 subject to negotiation

If you are short-listed for an interview, you will be notified by email and telephone. You may be required to undertake a short summary exercise and bring it to the interview. We will forward more details to you prior to the interview.

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